Rocket Blastoff

Programs Used: Adobe After Effects CS4, Adobe Photoshop CS4, and Autodesk Maya 2010

"Rocket Blastoff" was my first time at compositing 3D and film, to create a unique digital video.

This project was done for a Visual Design class in the Web Design course I am taking, and we were tasked with creating some "cool" that we've always wanted to do.

This project was actually done in tandem with another project we were given in our 3D Modeling class. We had to create a 3D iPhone from scratch using reference images of the sides, top, bottom, front and back of an actual iPhone.

Since I created my 3D rocket model earlier in the year for a 3D class in the course, the first part of my project was to create storyboards for the short film.

After some initial filming, I staged and rendered my 3D rocket out of Maya, and then imported the render into After Effects. The final part of the production process was adding in flames and correct lighting to the rocket, syncing up movement of the rocket and the film, and adding in V.O. and SFX.

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  • Rocket Blastoff
  • Rocket Blastoff
  • Rocket Blastoff