Complex ActionScript 3 Site

Programs Used: Adobe Flash CS4, Adobe Photoshop CS4, and GreenSock's TweenMax

This Complex ActionScript 3 Site was the result of an Adobe Flash CS4 site I was tasked with creating in my Flash class during my time at ACC.

During the design and development of this site, I was heavily influenced by Window's Metro This link will take you away from Kelly interface for their new Windows Phone 7. Especially the way that the end-user interacted with their content, which was displayed up on larger screen then what was visible to the user at one time.

I was looking to incorportate the same interface within a small Flash site, with the design based on my (Then in development) portfolio site. Much of the development incorporated GreenSock's TweenMax plugin for the interface, to recreate the "sliding" functionality as seen in the Metro UI.

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  • Complex ActionScript 3 Site
  • Complex ActionScript 3 Site